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Image by Timur Garifov

Harvest Innovation is a boutique investment advisory firm, focused on equity investments in companies shaping the ‘new economy’, in the US and EMEA. 


Our aim is to help investors capture innovation in the sectors that are defining the ‘new’/post COVID economy, such as financial innovation, green technology and technology driven platforms.


We are motivated by finding new, different strategies that intelligently and responsibly capture the ‘what’s next?’ element of the world economy and its capital markets.


Through our relationships, we have built a network of unique, performing managers who are adept at capturing fast changing trends. Our access to and collaboration with these managers is one of our key assets.


Our focus is on experienced managers whose funds are still entrepreneurial and outside the realm of most institutional managers. They provide us with a unique capability to access specific and early stage investment opportunities accessible only to industry specialists. 

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